Christian Distinctiveness

At Poulton we aim to provide a sanctuary for our children away from the challenges and conflicts of their everyday lives. This was initiated by the children who devised a ‘Code of Conduct’ for all visitors to our site. This simply read:

Be Kind with our words and actions

Show Care for our building and playground (use Bins and Equipment as intended).

Be Kind with ourselves and one another.

Show Love for others, even if you do not like them.

It was displayed on our railings and supported by all in the local community. If people are not able to adhere to this on that day they are encouraged to return, without judgement, when they feel better.

It will be displayed again when we can welcome the community back onto our premises.

The word sanctuary became important to us. We are a sanctuary for learning, questioning and exploring. A safe place to begin to find your place in the world. A sanctuary of Christian love for all.