Poulton-le-Sands C of E

Primary School

Church Street, Morecambe, LA4 5QA
01524 413273


Church-School ‘Links’

We were established alongside Morecambe Parish Church and we have remained close ever since. It is featured on our school badge. We have strong links with our church. We worship there each Wednesday and the clergy lead this. They are regularly seen in school and are familiar to the children. We have ‘borrowed’ the Rectory garden for several events and the church have ‘borrowed’ the playground. The Rector is the chair of our Poulton Partnership, which includes church members, and has assisted in organising many fund-raising events. Rev Chris is a member of our Vison and Values Committee and had a key role in reviewing our Christian vision in 2019. This further strengthened our common aim of serving our community.

Our Nativity is performed in the church and we contribute to the Christmas Tree Festival. Many parents join us in church each Wednesday and stay for coffee. The influence of the church is strong with many families choosing to baptise their children here – one family chose to do this on a Wednesday morning so the school could join in! Several staff members have married in the church and, sadly, it has held several school related funerals too. It is an integral part of the life of Poulton-le-Sands.

The church has also provided much needed support over the years helping families in crisis, especially at Christmas and providing pastoral support to our families and staff alike. Church members made a significant contribution to our pupil led project of ensuring school was a sanctuary for our children. They have helped us with music and art projects and regularly support our RE curriculum in addition to worship. Our relationship with Morecambe Parish Church goes beyond ‘links’ we are far more closely woven together.

Church link to Morecambe Parish Church

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