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School Meals

Lunch Menu – Spring 1 2023

We have a fantastic cook, Lesley, who produces some delicious meals and we want to make sure lots of children are getting the chance to try them! At £2.20 per meal (KS2 children only – see below for KS1 children) we think they are excellent value for money. Your child does not have to commit to having a meal every day – your child will choose what they would like to eat in morning registration.
Our menus are changed every term and are on a three week rota system – the menu is published above, or alternatively call at the office to ask the staff. There is also a salad bar, fruit and yoghurt available every day in addition to the four main choices. Children choose their meal every morning so we can make sure there is plenty of their choice to go around.
If there is anything you would like to see on the menu – within reason! – then please let the school office know.
Food Information Regulations came into effect on 14th December 2014 – information will be available on all allergens which may be present in the food which we serve. Please ask either Mrs. Fawcett or our cook Lesley if you are at all concerned about anything.


The Government decided to make free school meals available to ALL children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2) from September 2014. If your child is currently entitled to free meals, due to the type of benefits you may be receiving, it is VITAL that you continue to claim for these meals. School receives a large amount of funding via Pupil Premium for these children and any loss of income to school would impact hugely on the education we are able to provide. If you are unsure as to what you need to do, then please call at the school office and speak to Mrs. Fawcett.


Our school milk scheme
Did you know our school has a school milk scheme?
By registering your child for our school milk scheme they will receive a 189ml (third of a pint) carton of semi-skimmed milk every day. This is delivered fresh and chilled to their classroom every day.

“How much does it cost?”
Thanks to government subsidies, school milk is free for all under-fives and is subsided at around £15 a term for children aged five or older.

“Why should I register my child?”
School milk provides your child with essential nutrients such as calcium and protein, for strong, healthy teeth and bones. It is also rehydrating and energy boosting, helping to bridge the long gap between breakfast and lunch so children stay focused.

Find out the top ten reasons to drink school milk at www.coolmilk.com/whyschoolmilk

“How do I register my child?”
If your child is under five-
1. Go to www.coolmilk.com or pick up a form from school.
2. Just register by a Tuesday for your child’s free milk to start the following week.
3. Free milk will continue until the Friday before your child’s fifth birthday. You will receive a payment request three weeks before this time- if you wish for your child to continue to receive school milk simply make a payment.

If your child is over five-
1. Go to www.coolmilk.com or pick up a form from school.
2. Pay Cool Milk online, over the phone, at a local PayPoint or by cheque in instalments to suit you.  If registering online you can pay straight away, if using a registration form you will need to wait to receive a payment request.
3. Just pay by a Tuesday for your child’s milk to start the following week.

“How do I find out more?”
Visit www.coolmilk.com or contact Cool Milk directly on 0844 854 2913.